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Here's where we're archiving those posts about ourselves. It's the self-indulgent page so look away now.


Programme cover for the premiere of Harold Pinter's The Birthday Party (1959), taken from Pinter's own website http://www.haroldpinter.orgEncore is one. In our first year, we've published thirty-five articles, by a pool of around ten contributors, writing between them over 22,000 words, had something like 8000 hits on the site, and got a whole lot of terrific feedback, officially, by email to us, and unofficially. We're proud of the site and been immensely touched and gratified by the responses we've had, some of them profoundly moving in their appreciation of what we're trying to do here.

We're firm about anonymity, despite many discreet and indiscreet inquiries, and we're pleased with the way anonymity is working out; most of the contributors to Encore don't know who the others are and we want to keep it that way. As one of our correspondents put it: 'it's tickling to think that lurking in our theatre there's a group of rapid response Masked Avengers ready to put the world to rights'. And, yeah, we kinda like that too.

We want to do more. Sometimes the site's remained static for a month at a time as we've all got sunk in other work. We've yet to provide any 'Encore Futures' despite a hopeful page on the site. We've all talked about articles we want to write and not got round to it. There are some articles waiting in the system to be subbed and posted. We've talked about converting from a blog, which this really ain't, to a website, which I guess it is, but we've hummed and hawed.

What do you want to see on the site? What should we be doing that we're not? What are we doing that we shouldn't? Do you have an idea for something you'd like to write? (Encore is always keen to hear from any theatre workers and theatregoers with very very good taste.) Do get in touch in the usual manner. If only to wish us a happy birthday.

And you too - you've been Encore readers for a year now, you lucky people. Happy birthday!

:: Theatre Worker Thursday, April 01, 2004 [+] ::

Vive l'Encore!

It's always nice to be recognised, and to be recognised first in France puts us in the happy company of Brook, Littlewood, Bond, Barker, Motton, et al. This brief but approving review was on mediaTIC, a weblog dedicated to making links between links and presenting web news about blogs and more besides.
@ Quand le blog est théâtre : Encore !
Un superbe blog sur le monde du théâtre britannique : critiques de pièces, biographies, des réflexions sur l'actualité du théâtre ou encore des articles avec des sujets passionnants et inattendus comme celui-ci : The lost art of applause (l'art perdu d'applaudir). Ce splendide blog s'appelle Encore Theatre Magazine, sous-titré ":: British Theatre: Polemics & Positions ::". A consulter absolument !

Which roughly translates as...

@ When the blog is theatre: Encore!
A superb blog on the world of British theatre: critical writing on plays, biographies, commentary on theatre news and more article on exciting and unexpected topics like 'The Lost Art of Applause'. This splendid blog is called Encore Theatre Magazine, subtitled ":: British Theatre: Polemics & Positions ::". Definitely one to look at!
If anyone else spots comment on this site do please save us from the vice of websurfing and make contact at the usual address.
:: Theatre Worker Saturday, July 05, 2003 [+] ::
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