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"In Yer Face" Theatre
Aleks Sierz's website on British Theatre of the 1990s. Often updated, lots of good resources, accompanies his book of the same name.
British Theatre Guide
Very good news and reviews website, which unlike some sites we could mention (in fact, the London Theatre Guide) seems refreshingly uninterested in the day-to-day twitchings of the megamusicals. Lots of good stuff here, not many illustrations, but plenty of information, fairly clearly set out.
Federation of Scottish Theatre
Information resource for Scottish theatre events. News-based, so not much in the way of archive, and the visual material's publicity-centred, but it has some excellent links.
Scottish Theatre
A new site (June 2004) but already bursting with information. They aim to review literally everything that happens in Scottish theatre, which is a delightfully mad ambition. And who knows, they might manage it, which would be great.
Theatre in Wales
This is one of the best theatre websites on the net. A rich and growing resource on all aspects of theatre in Wales. It has news, reviews, information, links, debates. Everything's well set out and it's regularly updated. It's wonderful and puts all other theatre websites to shame.
Yorkshire Playwrights
This site offers information and resources for playwrights, whether professional or aspiring, based in Yorkshire. Clear and simple design, listing dates of meetings, local theatre-related events or festivals, and other helpful information.
A national web-site offering a huge range of resources for the would-be and practising playwright. You might need to subscribe to get the most out of the site, but why not? There are very useful open access lists of producing companies, links to various articles on aspects of theatre going back a decade. It's decently set out too.
Theatre Blogs
Theatre Notes
A blog by Alison Croggon, a writer and critic living in Melbourne. It's outside Encore's scope, which only claims to address British theatre, but this is invigorating writing, thoughtful and extremely eloquent (just read her wonderfully stout defence of Howard Barker from one ill-tempered and ignorant critique, for example). There should be more like this!
My London Life
Blog by Paul Miller. Great mix of theatre and politics. Best theatre blog we've found, and regularly updated, which is more than you can say for us. Bubbling with ideas and experiences and gossip and passion.
Under the Lobsterscope
This one's an American site, maintained by Bill Tchakarides from Greenbelt, Maryland, blogging on politics and theatre - latterly it's mainly been politics (August 2004). The theatre writing is more focused on specific projects he's engaged with than ours but it's interesting and all Encore's readers will undoubtedly enjoy the anti-Bush polemics.
Blog by US playwright George Hunka. A wonderful, vigorous and passionate NYC theatre blog. Feels like what we'd be like - or maybe what we'd like to be like - if we were American! Arts, politics, culture. Really exciting discovery.
Parachute of a Playwright
Blog by Australian playwright Ben Ellis. A wealth of material here; a questioning and intelligent theatre blog with international scope. Nicely written too.
Theatre blog by an anomymised female theatre critic (we think). Really smart sense of humour and great Catholic tastes. Does straight theatre and performance art like there's a continuity between them, which really should be so ordinary an attitude as unworthy of comment, but sadly this is all too rare. Great read.
Harold Pinter Homepage
Pinter's homepage. Great resource for the great man; all his news from around the world, all his pronouncements, a good archive with some illustrations, and links to his work in all forms and all media.
Sarah Kane Fan Site
A massive information resource on Sarah Kane productions around the world, compiled with devotion, copiously illustrated, and regularly updated. There's also a message board (largely taken up with students wanting help with their essays).
Samuel Beckett On-Line Resources and Links Page
The great inspirer. A good collection of links to internet resources from everywhere. It looks like someone's gone mad with the HTML, but it seems well maintained.
Doollee Playwrights Database
Site-in-progress offering information on thousands of British plays premiered after 1956. Incomplete but constantly growing and could end up being a really handy resource. Almost no images.
Royal Court
Going through a bad patch, to put it mildly, but you can't take its history away from it. Their pages have a growing archive, a few images, and a message board.
Traverse Theatre
The leading new writing theatre of Scotland for a generation. Recent Encore heroes that the Traverse has championed include Chris Hannan, David Harrower, Stephen Greenhorn, David Greig, Linda McLean. Their site has some good information on previous productions and they promise to add to it.
National Theatre
Recent productions are illustrated with good images and some press reviews, though it's not always obvious how to navigate around the site. Some interesting resources tucked away in here, especially in the education department. You'd think they'd have been a bit more generous with the archive.
Royal Exchange Theatre
This has been up and running for a few years now. It's an energetic site, jangling with information (in fact it needs a bit of a tidy out), with stuff on the backstage teams, the policies, previews of forthcoming work and information on getting involved. It's all a bit hard to navigate around. If there's an archive of past production, we can't find one.
Almeida Theatre
A rather shabby website for such a classy theatre. Bare minimum of an archive, virtually no images. Especially given the grand reopening, they can and should do better than this!
Hampstead Theatre
That's more like it; an impressively-designed site, with some beautiful images of the new building. The history's a bit thin, though, if they've any sense, they'll augment the site backwards as well as forwards.
Theatre Companies
Suspect Culture
Well-designed website for this wonderful Scottish company. Lots of visual material, essays on the work and records of all productions.
Improbable Theatre
Good, solid website for this wonderful company. Galleries, informative archive, previews, and other links and contacts.
Fiction Factory
Rather basic website for the company that premiered many of Ed Thomas's best performance texts. It now seems more geared towards TV and film. Boo hiss.
Paines Plough
This is a terrific company with an okay website. Basic information, few images, some history and details of their policy. Picture archives from past shows would be a good addition.
The Wrestling School
The home page for the company dedicated to performing Howard Barker's work. There are broken links, non-functioning images, and the information is confusingly scattered. Rather like Barker's plays.
The WWW Virtual Online Library: Theatre and Drama
Academically-inclined, well-maintained collection of links to global theatre sites, organised under fairly intuitive categories. Broken links seem to be irregularly sniffed out.
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