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Welcome to Encore!

::about us::

Encore Theatre Magazine is put together by a group of British theatre workers to ask whether we have the theatre we want, the stages we need, and the drama we deserve.

We are anonymous. Writers, directors, actors, designers, administrators, theatregoers. Anonymity gives us freedom. Is that fair? No, boo hoo, why be fair?

The life of Encore (right) was brief but furious. For little more than a decade, between 1954 and 1965, the magazine railed at the state of British theatre, championing work that it saw as standard-bearing for the experimental, challenging, vital theatre it sought. It was not an ideologically-driven magazine; it was not consistent; it admired the Royal Court, Theatre Workshop, Ionesco, Arden, and Tynan, and it often attacked all of these. But it had passion and it had curiosity. Its standards were invariably high. It knew what it wanted.

We've named this site after Encore. We're not reviving the magazine but maybe we can revive its spirit. We want the online Encore Theatre Magazine to champion what is good and attack what is not. Just like its predecessor, we want to be a voice for a new theatre, building on the firmest foundations left to us, but pulling down the timbers of the rotten playhouses.

Encore likes Encore does not like
Nick Hytner
Sarah Kane
Katie Mitchell
The Monsterists
Suspect Culture
Saint Caryl
James Macdonald
Shining Souls
Martin Crimp
Neil Bartlett
... etc.
Sheridan Morley
David Hare
We Will Rock You (for
Christ's sake)
David Hare
Ian Rickson
David Hare
Michael Billington
David Hare
Charlie Spencer
David Hare
... etc.

Let's get stuff done. Let's get stuff changed. Let's get the theatre we know we should have.


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