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:: Tuesday, September 05, 2006 ::

STOP PRESS: Christian Hypocrite Arrested

Encore readers will, I am sure, be delighted by the news that Stephen Green has been arrested at the gay Mardi Gras event in Bute Park, Cardiff, after refusing to stop handing out leaflets condemning homosexuality on the theologically dubious grounds of its condemnation in Leviticus (officially the most ludicrous book of the Bible).

Green, you will remember, organised a letter-writing compaign and pickets outside the BBC to stop the broadcast of Jerry Springer the Opera. He organised pickets outside the Cambridge Theatre to intimidate audience members from going in. He sent threatening letters around the country's regional theatres to intimidate them out of booking the tour of the show, with success in some places.

So it is delightful to see that he has undergone his own road to Damascus moment.

Speaking about righteousness, morality, sin, repentance and the forgiveness sinners can find in the cross of Jesus Christ may well offend the fragile sensibilities of homosexuals, but should the police have a partisan unit whose job is to round up Christian dissidents, treat them like thought criminals and trample on freedom of speech?

It would be kindest to ignore his silly remarks about the police (who have, of course, never remotely targeted homosexuals to bump up their arrest figures...). That would be churlish. It is delightful to see that Green is now such a firm believer in freedom of speech. We look forward to seeing Christian Voice pursue its new policy with vigour and verve.

I don't understand. Are you saying that I should be "delighted" that someone has been arrested for practicing free speech?
Not at all, the opening sentence was meant to be ironic. We don't think he should have been arrested for handing out leaflets even if we don't agree with them. We were trying to point out the irony that this arch-censor immediately pleaded the free speech case when he fell foul of censorship (albeit of a PC kind). I hope that's cleared that up.
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