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:: Sunday, January 30, 2005 ::

Site Feed

We've been getting some enquiries about whether there's an Encore site feed, so, with some help, we've set them up. A site feed is a way of syndicating Encore's content to your own browser home page, or other feedreader. That way you can see straight away whether there's new content without having to load the actual page. Some of you have already spotted this because we see you've already subscribed. Thank you.

We're offering site feeds in the two main formats, Atom and RSS. Many thanks to Phil Gyford and 'Cog' for their help in navigating me through my ignorance. (We at Encore are technostupid.)

You can subscribe to the feeds using the bar on the left or by clicking one of these self-explanatory buttons:

There are plenty of free RSS and Atom feed-readers available to download. This page has what seems to me a useful guide to some of what's available.


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