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:: Friday, July 07, 2006 ::

Not you again!

Forced out of retirement by the steady trickle of emails wondering where we are, we're giving it another go. And what's happened since we were last here? The Hytner backlash! Richard Griffiths' campaign against mobile phones! More nutty Christians! Pinter got the Nobel! The National Theatre of Scotland founded! Dromgoole at the Globe! Goldman at the Soho! Farr at the Lyric Hammersmith! Church at Chichester! Spacey at the Vic! Kavanaugh at the Rep! All change at the Tron! Hello Trafalgar Studios! Goodbye Theatre Museum! Welcome back Roundhouse! Happy fiftieth at the Royal Court! And, of course, The Play's the Thing!

We'll give it a go again, because some of us had a very busy couple of years (lucky us) but now we all fancy something to do rather than try to write our plays, send off our begging letters, draw up directing wishlists, attend casting sessions, come up with design concepts, tear tickets, sell tickets, buy tickets, and everything else that makes up our wonderful wonderful lives.

Anyone fancy contributing? It always helps!

New teeth. Weird.

and how does one contribute?
Send us an email - encoretheatremagazine@btopenworld.com.
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